Alien Jams presents Planet Bangs. The 4th album from NOCHEXXX,
following on from 2015’s dirt-driven apocalyptic electro jaunt
Plot Defender (Type Recordings). This six track LP plants another stick in
the mud, showcasing the producers love for oddball tape-saturated

electronic delirium.

Planet Bangs is clearly an ecosystem in distress… METAWITCH’s clanging
rocks paves the way for creepy unsettling yelps and 303 squelch –  an
acid drenched broomstick ride over mounds of rolling subs and hilly
sines –  On STICKSHIFT, straight-jacketed conga loops barely

spit enough voltage, sputtering like a discarded Raymond Scott
machine in respiratory collapse.  Wafting familiar smoke signals
originally lit by 90s era Warp and Detroit techno, OVERHOUND springs
out-da-trap with a booty bounce towards the finish line.

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