Nochexxx ain’t the most prolific producer out there, but whenever he does reappear, he’s always got something worthwhile to share. Back on Ramp Recordings for a new single, ‘Savage Herald’ sounds like it could’ve been made in Sheffield in ’92, a trippy, low-slung bleep techno number that’s devastating in its oscillating, frigidly funky simplicity. We just can’t stop caning this one. ‘Charro’ begins inna similarly lo-fi, this time more ambient techno fashion, like an offcut from Warp’s first Artificial Intelligence comp, albeit on a hi-speed drum flex more reminiscent of ghettotech. But just when you think you’ve got a handle on what’s going on, it shifts up – or sideways – into an acid-flecked, arpeggiated party track, and from there just grows more and more wonked out and psychedelic, completely mulching up the rulebook as it goes, and goes, and goes. On first listen you might feel a little bit queasy, but believe us, on round 2 you’ll be hooked. Idiosyncratic, at times electrifying stuff.

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