could use Nochexxx to teach Freud and ambivalence. Everything I’ve heard seems to be gnashing against the groove, as if he’s almost willing to let fly and be techno, disco etc but there’s a thick seam of Super(fly)ego holding him back at the last moment and sending him spinning off into far more interesting territories. Nochexxx is close to being a superstar DJ but these twists and turns he puts his music through make the distorting mirror of the Self something he can’t escape. Nochexxx would be rich and famous if he wasn’t Nochexxx.

The fact that this is a tape tells us everything; this isn’t a loose engagement with fashion, an attempt to go retro; the tape is Nochexxx and always has been. Nochexxx is a singular entity, immune (or trying to stay immune) to the vagaries of other musics.

And so it is with this particular tape, this bright, Golden, alchemical artifact. It’s an attempt to engage with the (Nochexxx) past that makes itself timeless (contrast Daft Punk’s recent detourn into disco) by strictly adhering to the same principles you can hear in everything he releases. There’s a fluidity and a groove and it’s definitely a party record but large parts sound (brilliantly) like the beats are made out of wood and rock; organic as in gnarled tree stumps and crumpling leaf litter. Distorted, slurred voices break things up just when things are really getting started and slow everything to echo and sludge before rebuilding can begin.


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